Site Builders – which one to pick ?

Are you wondering what are the good tools out there which lets you create a cool, effective eCommerce site in a jiffy ? There are few site builders out there, that let’s you drag and drop images or change the texts or create the menu, header and footer for your eCommerce investment. definitely has good intuitive site builder that lets the user create a landing or even a catalog page. However it does not extend its features to be a complete eCommerce solution, which requires multiple integration points to payment gateway, shipping, tax engine etc.

I got a sneak peek into an innovative new solution that will be launched by very soon. It lets the user pick a gallery of templates from various vertical industry, modify the images, text and also be able to complete the entire eCommerce related setups with myriad of integration points to multiple shipping, payment gateways and tax engines. Built using Angular JS, eComchain team has taken good care to provide a seamless integration to its backend eCommerce engine.

I will definitely come back with more updates on any other site builder that I stumble upon.

Best eCommerce Platforms

It’s a market with myriad of eCommerce platforms and shopping cart applications. Not sure what works best for you? I would look at your immediate needs and take the first step of launching a striking site, to wow your shoppers. After having worked in the eCommerce industry, setting up sites for marquee companies around the globe, picking the right ecommerce software can definitely be challenging.

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Best eCommerce Platforms: eComchain v/s Shopify v/s Volusion v/s WiX v/s Magento CE v/s OpenCart

Feature Shopify
(Overall rating 7.5/10)
(Overall rating 6/10)
(Overall rating 9/10)
(Overall rating 8/10)
Magento CE
(Overall rating 7/10)
(Overall rating 6/10)
Source Code
Multi Language
Multi Currency Supported 1(USD)
Multi Payment Gateway
Addition of custom Payment Gateway
Fixed Cost pm per domain / month $79.00 $29.90 $99.00 $79.00 0 0
Txn Cost 1.6% – 2.8% CC Charges Merchant related

CC Charges

CC Charges CC Charges CC Charges
Shipping / Packing Slips / Quickbooks integration
Domain names Not included Not included Included Not included Not included Not included
API for Mobile
APIs for 3rd Party System Integration (eg. FexEx, UPS, Payment Gateways)
Private Shopping Cart
Global Tax Configuration
Order Tracking
Return Handling
Unlimited Fields for Inventory description
Abandoned Cart Support
PCI DSS Compliance Depends on hosting Depends on hosting
Customized Transaction Email
Inventory ACL Support (only Retail/Wholesale)
Loyalty Points
Try It On ((Useful for apparels where users can upload their pictures, drag and drop various apparels on their image to see how it looks on them)
Static Page Management
Intuitive Interactive Site Builder
Global Multi Shipping Platform
(with no custom code)
Product and Customer level discounts
Coupon Code Email
Highly customizable text content
Customizable pricing module
Product Review Management
Supplier / Warehouse Management
Faceted Search with Flexible Product Attributes