Comparing eComchain with Shopify

Its not easy to pick one eCommerce platform that covers all your B2B or B2C requirements. eComchain has all the ingredients for a B2B2C storefont with multiple levels of personalizations for suppliers, distributors and dearlers increasing the revenue for various levels of business.

Shopify has shown a strong presence for 10+ years, however its not safe to remain complacent in a highly competitive and saturated market. eComchain is showing its strengths in areas where other eCommerce platforms have fallen short. eComchain team brings in 16+ years of B2B and B2C eCommerce expertise having implemented complex enterprise level storefronts.

Having said that, here’s a plain and simple comparison between eComchain and Shopify.

OPTIONS  eComchain  Shopify

User Plans

Plans are tailored as per the business requirement Only three plans to choose from.



Ongoing one-on-one Support

Onboarding Store Setup Consultation and Merchant Site Store Setup Consultation Not Applicable

Tax Calculation

Our Partnership with Avalara makes the process of taxation easy Comes handy only in US


(Search Engine Optimization)

Each product can have multiple tags to make the product easily available for the internet to find Only one tag per product

Transaction Fee

We have no hidden fee for transactions made, One Flat price with no hidden charges Additional Charges are applicable depending up on the package selected

Email Templates

Email Template come Pre-configured (editable via the dashboard) and look professional with graphics embedded in the email Ordinary non-Graphical templates for the email’s and newsletters

Flexibility in adding Products

The flexibility to describe the products increase as there are many options to select from Limited field’s to describe the product



A business can opt any means of shipping from the various options made available by eComChain USPS is default for which you have to buy a printer. To opt other shipping methods user has to upgrade the plan


The dashboard can be controlled such that it is user-friendly and need no assistance The dashboard is designed with limited options and fewer controls

Social Media Integration

With Social Media option on dashboard the business can get going on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Facebook Sales only

(Additional charges applicable)


Getting Started

Getting started is easy as you can mix and match any template Getting started may be tedious as you to stick to the template to customize


State of art analytics facility powered by google gives you desired intelligence Simple analytics


SKU Management becomes handy as the SKU’s can be applicable across any product which are alike SKU’s are applicable to products and cannot be tagged to the products which are alike

User Tracking

The dashboard gives you flexibility to track the user by their accounts and go through the reviews with ease Basic functionality’s like add and manage customers
GUI Visualized graphics on Analytics gives you the deep understanding of the business Google analytics should be configured by the user which is time taking and technical


Video Tutorials make it easy to understand and deploy the end product by ease Only Documentation
Marketing Campaigns


Marketing campaigns through email and additional analytics part( To be launched in 2017) Manual operation needed
Solutions Offers B2B, B2C and B2B2C solutions too. Suitable for only small ecommerce sites.


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