Can you improve Commerce with eCommerce ?

Today’s technological marvels can make a huge difference in improving Commerce, specially when there’s fully-loaded eCommerce solution. A fully-loaded eCommerce would have the cutting-edge user experience and customer experience.

A Retail eCommerce site without a Chat functionality or a Store Locator is unheard of. Add to it, a Digital Dressing room (or Try it On feature), would enhance the user experience on an apparel site, where the user can upload their own pictures, digitally try on the apparels on their digital pictures.

I have evaluated multiple eCommerce solutions, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion and many others but haven’t come across any solution that comes anywhere close, in features and functionalities, to what I mentioned above.

Coming back to my discussion on how eCommerce can help improve Commerce for any business. At any given point of time in a year, businesses are always to increase the revenue and eCommerce (along with Mobile Commerce) plays an important role in improves sales through an Omni-Channel platform.

With eCommerce, I have a choice to shop around virtually, without having to move out of my seat, compare products and its prices, return the items if I am dissatisfied, cancel the order before it gets shipped, track my orders, chat online without having to wait for someone to pick my call. There are myriads of such features and functionalities.

Not implementing eCommerce in a digital world would be harakiri in an ultra-competitive world.

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