Best eCommerce Platforms

It’s a market with myriad of eCommerce platforms and shopping cart applications. Not sure what works best for you? I would look at your immediate needs and take the first step of launching a striking site, to wow your shoppers. After having worked in the eCommerce industry, setting up sites for marquee companies around the globe, picking the right ecommerce software can definitely be challenging.

Here are some of the top ecommerce platforms that I feel will give you quick ROI

eCommerce Platforms Logo
eComchain eComchain-logo.png (350×100)
Shopify Shopify-logo.png (350×100)
Volusion volusion-logo.png (350×100)
WiX WiX-logo.png (350×100)
Magento Magento-logo.png (350×100)
OpenCart OpenCart-logo.png (350×100)

You may ask, on what basis did we rank each of these platform. Popularity of a platform can vary depending on various factors such as ease of use, features and functionalities it offers, what businesses it caters to, its pricing, its support and many other such important aspects when you are looking to have a site that brings you quick revenue and there are no maintenance hassles in keeping the site alive.

eComchain, a relative new entrant in this space, has scored points for its various functionalities not thought through by other eCommerce platforms. For eg. eComchain is an excellent fit for organizations interested in letting their B2B customers such as distributors and retailers to set up their own personalized sites on the same platform.

It’s a new concept that eComchain has adopted, which should change the way organizations do business with distributors and in turn their retailers. Organizations registered on eComchain, can invite distributors to setup their own personalized sites, who in turn can invite their retailers to setup their own personalized site. Advantage, low maintenance, lower cost and increasing visibility for the parent organization on all the eCommerce transactions, all the way through to the end consumer.

I took a tour of what eComchain offers and I must accept, this is definitely a well-thought out eCommerce platform, benefiting various levels of the business, without compromising cool features of a retail site, including never-seen-before (on other comparable eCommere platforms) features such as ‘Try It On’ (or Digital Trial Room) or ‘Loyalty Points’.

All the rest, such as Shopify, Volusion, WiX, Big Commerce and many others, are standard eCommerce platform that has a B2C model and not really focusing on multi-billion dollar B2B business.

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