An eCommerce platform that gives visibility to Multiple levels of Supply Chain

Time has come when manufacturers understand the importance of getting visibility to multiple levels of supply chain. Refer to article on, where Jeff Dobbs, Global Sector Chair, Diversified Industrials and a partner with KPMG says, “obtaining real-time visibility across all tiers in the supply chain can significantly increase speed to market, reduce capital expenditures and manage risk.”

Based on this finding, I looked around for an eCommerce product, that would provide manufacturers an online platform, where their distributors can buy the finished products online, who in turn can setup their own personalized site for their retailers. Retailers in turn should be able to create their personalize sites for their end consumers.

Wouldn’t this help manufacturers with the following key factors for an efficient supply chain ?

Improve lead times and performance, with just-in-time inventory to distributors and their retailers
Identify shortage and quality problems along the supply chain, specially when the manufacturers have direct access to the end consumers’ online feedback.

Eureka ! I came across who has a Cloud-based eCommerce platform.

With multi-tenant features, manufacturers and distributors, are able to reach out to their end consumers easily and faster.

Check them out !

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