An eCommerce platform that gives visibility to Multiple levels of Supply Chain

Time has come when manufacturers understand the importance of getting visibility to multiple levels of supply chain. Refer to article on, where Jeff Dobbs, Global Sector Chair, Diversified Industrials and a partner with KPMG says, “obtaining real-time visibility across all tiers in the supply chain can significantly increase speed to market, reduce capital expenditures and manage risk.”

Based on this finding, I looked around for an eCommerce product, that would provide manufacturers an online platform, where their distributors can buy the finished products online, who in turn can setup their own personalized site for their retailers. Retailers in turn should be able to create their personalize sites for their end consumers.

Wouldn’t this help manufacturers with the following key factors for an efficient supply chain ?

Improve lead times and performance, with just-in-time inventory to distributors and their retailers
Identify shortage and quality problems along the supply chain, specially when the manufacturers have direct access to the end consumers’ online feedback.

Eureka ! I came across who has a Cloud-based eCommerce platform.

With multi-tenant features, manufacturers and distributors, are able to reach out to their end consumers easily and faster.

Check them out !

Pros & Cons : Which eCommerce Platform suits your business the best ?

With tons of eCommerce platforms to pick from, as a small to mid-size business you have no idea which eCommerce platform would server your critical needs and help you increase your online revenue.

I came across articles written by analysts and / or experts from this fields and wanted to share a few of them here. Click on these URLs to go over the pros & cons of eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and Volusion

Shopify Review: Pros & Cons of Using Shopify For eCommerce

Volusion Review: Pros & Cons of Using Volusion for Ecommerce

I came across eComchain, relatively new entrant in the cloud-based eCommerce space. I would not consider eComchain as a traditional eCommerce application, as I can see remarkable new features they have provided compared to other traditional platforms.

After registering and going over the navigations and user interface, I am pretty impressed with the way their team have thought through a robust, scalable eCommerce solution.

Interested to know more ?

Here are some of the URLs I would go over to understand their multi-tenant features or their proprietary ‘Try-it-On’ feature useful for retail businesses.

Take a tour by clicking here,

Take a sneak peak of some of their unique features

Or take a look at the step-by-step instructions

In a nut shell every eCommerce platform has its pros and cons. What platform to pick is determined by your business needs and the economics that go with the choice.

Site Builders – which one to pick ?

Are you wondering what are the good tools out there which lets you create a cool, effective eCommerce site in a jiffy ? There are few site builders out there, that let’s you drag and drop images or change the texts or create the menu, header and footer for your eCommerce investment. definitely has good intuitive site builder that lets the user create a landing or even a catalog page. However it does not extend its features to be a complete eCommerce solution, which requires multiple integration points to payment gateway, shipping, tax engine etc.

I got a sneak peek into an innovative new solution that will be launched by very soon. It lets the user pick a gallery of templates from various vertical industry, modify the images, text and also be able to complete the entire eCommerce related setups with myriad of integration points to multiple shipping, payment gateways and tax engines. Built using Angular JS, eComchain team has taken good care to provide a seamless integration to its backend eCommerce engine.

I will definitely come back with more updates on any other site builder that I stumble upon.

Best eCommerce Platforms

It’s a market with myriad of eCommerce platforms and shopping cart applications. Not sure what works best for you? I would look at your immediate needs and take the first step of launching a striking site, to wow your shoppers. After having worked in the eCommerce industry, setting up sites for marquee companies around the globe, picking the right ecommerce software can definitely be challenging.

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